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ALASCA - Amsterdam Liberal Arts & Sciences Academy (or in Dutch: academie) - is a Dutch, publicly funded school and an IB World School. We provide modern and innovative education for the artists, academics, and leaders of tomorrow. Our approach challenges students to think critically, take action, analyse, and engage in their learning.

At ALASCA, we offer a well-rounded and contemporary curriculum that emphasises the development of digital skills, philosophical and conceptual thinking, research methodology, English language proficiency, and a broad understanding of both social and scientific issues. Rooted in the principles of liberal arts & sciences, our education fosters a holistic and comprehensive learning experience.



Our school is situated on Zeeburgereiland, offering convenient accessibility by car, bicycle, and public transport. Housed in a modern and open facility, our school is perfectly designed for contemporary education. We boast well-equipped lab facilities and workshops dedicated to the Sciences, Arts, Music, Technology/IT, and Design.

In addition to our academic amenities, we provide a large bicycle storage facility to accommodate the commuting preferences of our students and staff

The International Profile

For pre-academic students aged 15-18, we offer an International Profile programme leading to an International Baccalaureate Diploma, facilitating entrance to universities worldwide. However, it is crucial that the subjects offered at ALASCA align with the chosen field of study. For more information, we recommend  the School Brochure for the International Profile.

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