International Profile Admissions

Admission to the International Profile Preparatory Year (age 15-16)

Enrolment in the International Profile will be open to the following categories of students:

  • Students with a 3 vwo report card from their school providing admission to 4 vwo;
  • Students with a havo report card and special circumstances can apply to the International Profile e.g. English speaking at home. 
  • Any other students who are proficient in English and have an academic record sufficient to enter Year 4 of pre-university education (vwo).
  • An admission interview with the DP Coordinator and/or Career counsellor.
  • External students can apply by completing the IPY admission form and sending it to


Admission International Profile IB Diploma Programme (IB DP)  (age 16-18)

The IB Diploma Programme is a rigorous, academic, programme requiring academic ability combined with commitment and resilience for students aged 16-18.

Open to the following categories of students: 

  • Students successfully finished the IPY at ALASCA.
  • Students admitted to 5 vwo.
  • Students with a 5 havo Diploma.
  • Students - Dutch or expatriate - attending (international) schools abroad, who are proficient in English and have an academic record sufficient to enter Year 5 of pre-university education (vwo).


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