Contact with parents


Communication between School and Parents

All queries regarding absenteeism should be directed to the absenteeism coordinator ( For inquiries about your child's enrolment, finances, and Magister, please contact our administration ( For any other questions and comments, your child's mentor is always the first point of contact. The mentor is always reachable via email (initial(s)

One Point of Contact per Family In contacts between the school and parents, such as discussing your child's progress or potential learning issues, both parents/guardians are always welcome. However, the school communicates with one designated contact person per family. Parents are then responsible for informing each other, even in cases of separation or limited contact.

Further Agreements on Email Usage The school generally communicates with parents via email as it is often the fastest and most efficient means. To minimise the volume of emails and the length of email correspondences, we have established a few agreements:

- The school regularly provides detailed information to parents through our periodic parent newsletter, which is published at least 4 times a year and emailed to all parents. Students may also receive longer messages, such as explanations about an excursion. However, email is primarily used for relatively short and informative messages. For communication about urgent, complex, or more extensive matters, telephone contact or a personal conversation, such as with a mentor, is more suitable. This approach aims to achieve efficient and effective use of email as a communication tool.

- Regarding email communication between parents and mentors, the agreement is that the mentor will respond within three working days, barring exceptional circumstances. This response can be through email or by phone.

It is important that the contact details of students and parents, including email addresses, are always up-to-date and accurate. Parents are responsible for updating any changes in Magister themselves.


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